Vintage Car Camping

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Aldo Leopold’s Shack

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Bowlus Road Chief


20130731-124842.jpgSeeing the country from the comfort of your own recreational vehicle is about as American a tradition as we can think of. With the Bowlus Road Chief ($100,000) you can do it in style and luxury — and you can tow it with nearly any vehicle, thanks to its light weight of only 2,800 pounds. It has an aerodynamic design, with a welded tube aluminum frame, and an aircraft grade aluminum sheeting exterior. Inside, it has a convertible bed that transforms from a king to a twin, a bathroom with a shower, a dining room with chairs that convert to two additional beds, and a fully-functioning kitchen. Additional amenities include a solar panel, a detachable awning, a charging station for your gadgets, and more.
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Drawn the Road Again: Inside the Travel Sketchbooks of Chandler O’Leary as She Explores the U.S.

For the last several years artist and illustrator Chandler O’Leary has traveled extensively around the U.S., documenting her travels in several sketchbooks. But where some people might jot down a few brief ideas, perhaps a detailed sketch or two, Chandler instead turns each spread into a fully realized watercolor artwork complete with notes, diagrams, and […]

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Toilet Paper and Water


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Ice Caves


Guided party of mountaineers in one of the ice caves of Paradise Glacier, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, ca. 1925.

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Stanley Park Seawall


Stanley Park Seawall

This was my favorite part of Vancouver.

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Room with a View

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Puffin Hunting Lodge – Iceland

This building on Elliðaey Island is an exclusive hunting lodge for puffin hunters of the Elliðaey Hunting Association.


Rumor has it that the way to gain acceptance into the Elliðaey Hunting Association is to correctly pronounce Elliðaey. I may have made this part up, but the building, despite its purpose of housing the killers of natures clown bird, is quite a visual feast.


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Boardwalk Empire


boardwalk to the mountains.


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