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…by the hundreds

Yesterday, the bugling of sandhill cranes soaring high above my house could be heard even as it battled the buzz of my neighbors circular saw.

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Mass Migration

A snowy white owl takes flight in this undated handout photo courtesy of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Bird enthusiasts are reporting rising numbers of snowy owls from the Arctic winging into the lower 48 states this winter in a mass southern migration that a leading owl researcher called ''unbelievable'' according to Denver Holt, head of Owl Research Institute in Montana.  REUTERS/U.S. Fish&Wildlife Service/Handout

“Thousands of the snow-white birds, which stand 2 feet tall with 5-foot wingspans, have been spotted from coast to coast, feeding in farmlands in Idaho, roosting on rooftops in Montana, gliding over golf courses in Missouri and soaring over shorelines in Massachusetts.”   via Reuters

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