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Norquay Co. Painted Canoe Paddles


Norquay Co. painted canoe paddles

(image: norquay co)

via Man with a Spade

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David Fuller

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Field & Stream – June 1965

Cover Art by Dick Amundsen

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H.H. Bennett’s Wisconsin Dells

I visited the former studio of H.H. Bennett several weeks back and thought I would share
some of the works that inspired midwesterners to visit the Wisconsin Dells over a century ago.

During a career that lasted from 1865 to 1908, H. H. Bennett photographed the rugged landscape of his beloved Wisconsin Dells, and became one of the premier photographers of the era. He captured the Wisconsin River, its rock formations, tourist visitors, lumber rafters, Ho-Chunk residents, steamboats and much more. Bennett loved the natural landscape of the river and spent his life conveying its beauty and many moods to the public.



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The Colors of Dreams

This pictures hue & saturation is not off.  These are the true colors of dreams.


Winokapau Lake, Newfoundland

National Geographic, 1951

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