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Look Ma’…I Caught One.

String Yank Technique  Frame 1: Tie off a loop with some fishing line. Place the loop over the hook's shank and lightly pull it against the bend of the hook.   Frame 2: With your other hand, press down and back on the hook's eye.   Frame 3: Continue pressing down on the hook's eye. Quickly and firmly jerk the fishing line backward, ensuring that the line is parallel to the shank. Don't worry: only a tiny bit of flesh is behind the barb. It won't hurt too much. Clean and bandage.  Advance & Cut Technique  Frame 1: Using pliers, advance the point of the hook (including the barb) out of the skin. Follow the natural curve of the hook.  Frame 2: Use your pliers to cut the hook below the barb.  Frame 3: Remove the hook by backing it out through the wound. Clean and bandage.


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