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Bowlus Road Chief


20130731-124842.jpgSeeing the country from the comfort of your own recreational vehicle is about as American a tradition as we can think of. With the Bowlus Road Chief ($100,000) you can do it in style and luxury — and you can tow it with nearly any vehicle, thanks to its light weight of only 2,800 pounds. It has an aerodynamic design, with a welded tube aluminum frame, and an aircraft grade aluminum sheeting exterior. Inside, it has a convertible bed that transforms from a king to a twin, a bathroom with a shower, a dining room with chairs that convert to two additional beds, and a fully-functioning kitchen. Additional amenities include a solar panel, a detachable awning, a charging station for your gadgets, and more.
Via Uncrate

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Glamping with All My Rowdy Friends


This looks like a fancy way to get kicked out of every campground I visit!

Post Script:  I am really starting to dislike the word Glamping.  In the same sort of way I dislike the word blogging, and most probably for the same reason my friend Jill detests the sound of the word doppelganger.


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Head in the Clouds

For my family, tent camping season is nearing an end.  One of these silver beauties would extend the camping season indefinitely.  Given their price range it would have to for I would have to sell my stationary home to attain it.  Oh, but to live in a flying cloud!

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First Generation RV’s – Part 2

a photo of a vintage camper

This is a vintage “camper” as photographed in Rocky Mountain National Park, year unknown.

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First Generation RV’s

Motorhome built around a Ford Model TT in Ohio. Not much more is known about this build.

Motorhome built with spare parts by Willis Roy Willey, a man who traveled the country in DIY motorhomes from the 1920′s through 1940′s, collecting random animals along the way. This motorhome had a Ford Model T engine, a Chevrolet transmission and random parts from other vehicles.

via Tiny House Listings   More pictures after the link.


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