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Enamelware – Sanborn Canoe Company

Enamelware Pre-sale!


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Sanborn Canoe Co. – NorthernGrade 2012

These stunner’s are headed to NorthernGRADE Men’s Market this weekend. Are you gonna come check ‘em out?If you look closely you might even be able to pick out the ones we’ve collaborated on with two great Minnesota business’s. We’ve partnered separately with both Askov Finlayson and with Faribault Woolen Mill Co. to bring you some truly great limited-run paddles for the show. So we’ll see you this weekend! — at Sanborn Canoe Co.

If you find yourself wandering aimlessly about the Minnesota wilds this weekend, mosey on over to NorthernGrade Men’s Market in Minneapolis.  Sanborn Canoe Company has some fresh designs that would look equally as handsome on your wall as in the water.

They’ve partnered separately with both ASKOV FINLAYSON and FARIBAULT WOOLEN MILL CO. to bring some truly great limited-run paddles for the show.

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